SOLD OUT! How to Plan and Implement a World Class Water Quality Management System Audit

SOLD OUT! How to Plan and Implement a World Class Water Quality Management System Audit

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Water quality management is a critical responsibility, ensuring the delivery of safe, hygienic water products for customers. While organisations have systems and procedures in place, conducting regular audits is important to catch any issues before they become problems. A well-planned and implemented audit can help shine a light on areas for improvement, validate what is being doing well, and provide confidence that your water quality efforts are up to the task. In this course you will learn practical approaches for planning and implementing a water quality management system audit for any water product, including drinking water and recycled water. Join Dr Annette Davison and Sarah Loder as they share their tips and years of experience developing, implementing and auditing water quality management systems in this Exemplar Global certified course.

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This course is sold out. Contact us to find out when new dates are available.

Who should do this course?

  • Water Quality Compliance Officers
  • Regulators of Water Quality Management Systems
  • Regulators of Water Products and Resources
  • Water Quality Team Leaders
  • Water Utility Managers
  • Water Resource Managers
  • Auditors


In this 2 day face-to-face training you will gain an understanding of:

  • Sound auditing requirements.
  • Auditing as a form of monitoring.
  • Building an audit team.
  • Audit in the context of water quality management.
  • Internal vs external audits.
  • Audit scope.
  • Evidence types - what you should be looking at.
  • Audit criteria.
  • Setting up the sampling and testing methodology.
  • Interpreting the grade.
  • Understanding materiality.
  • How to write up and communicate findings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Translation of formal requirements into practical outputs.
  • Demonstration of typical approaches, outputs, templates and tools for sound auditing.
  • Ability to discuss outcomes with peers and water quality experts.
  • Learn how to identify improvements and good practices.
  • Increase your audit confidence.

What you get:

  • Rich slide deck of teaching material.
  • ISO 31000 book.
  • Handouts and templates on specific aspects such as sampling and testing methodology, scope capture and unpacking a criterion.
  • Summary video.
  • Case study.
  • Exercises.
  • Assessment.
  • Exemplar Global recognition.

Author and Presenter:
This course has been developed by Dr Annette  Davison, 'The Water Risk Doctor' and winner of the 2021 AWA Water Professional of the Year award, and Ms Sarah Loder, Senior Risk Analyst.

Annette is a microbiologist, paralegal and Lead Auditor with over 30 years experience. Annette was lead author on the WHO's Water Safety Plan document and was one of the founding Water Quality Management System auditors. She has been recognised for her services to risk management. In 2021, Annette won the AWA Water Professional of the Year. Annette is a Cert IV qualified trainer.

Sarah is a qualified engineer, specialising in strategic risk management for the water industry, with a background in both engineering consulting and management consulting. Sarah has over fifteen years’ experience in process engineering as well as 'Big 4' internal audit experience.


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