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Dr Annette Davison, Australian Water Association's 2021 Water Professional of the Year

Dr Annette Davison

Principal Risk Analyst

Dr Annette Davison, winner of the  Australian Water Association’s 2021 Water Professional of the Year award,  is a highly experienced certified auditor and award-winning risk manager in the water, environment, policy and mining fields. She has helped utilities implement water safety and risk management plans both in Australia and overseas. She has a multitude of journal, book chapter, books, technical papers, reports and other publications in several fields including bioremediation, biodiversity, microbial ecology, water utility due diligence and risk management.

Annette is in demand as a conference and workshop presenter, for auditing of statutory and certified risk management plans, for developing utility risk management plans, ERM consultation and development and as a facilitator for board workshops.

Annette is a specialist in optimising business outcomes for utilities and the resource sector through corporate and system risk management including ERM, CSR, risk appetite and risk tolerance setting.

Sarah Loder - Senior Risk Analyst, Risk Edge

Sarah Loder

Senior Risk Analyst

Sarah Loder, Senior risk analyst at The Risk Edge Group, is a Risk professional with expertise in water quality and public health management. With more than 15 years’ experience in process engineering, audit and risk-related management consulting for government and private sector customers, Sarah delivers a deep understanding of both technical and operational aspects of water quality management.

Sarah is a specialist in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of risk-based water quality management systems. With key skills across risk assessment planning, hazard and critical control point analysis (HACCP), process mapping, gap analysis and internal audit, reporting and complex data analysis.

Sandra Robbertse

Sandra Robbertse

Risk Analyst

BSc (Hons), Biochemistry

Sandra has worked across a diverse range of contexts including in a managerial role in a fine wine distribution company, with a responsibility for achieving KPIs and stakeholder engagement.

Sandra has also worked in food processing and was responsible for developing and maintaining the Quality Assurance system, ensuring conformance of all products as well as managing the laboratories. The role involved the provision of technical assistance and guidance to production and marketing.

Constance Zhang

Constance Zhang

Risk Analyst

BA, LLB (Hons I), GDLP

Constance has diverse professional experiences across legal and financial services industries. After practising as an Australian and US dual-qualified lawyer for a number of years, Constance joined a leading global investment management firm where she held responsibilities in corporate communications, regulatory, and products across multiple jurisdictions. Constance’s experience as an equities investment analyst also gave her a deep understanding of businesses, including sectors with extensive risk and compliance needs, such as banks and fintechs.


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