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Item Description
Policy No.: Risk Edge® Pty Ltd Policy 02
Name: Environmental Policy
Date Prepared: 19-July-2010
Prepared by: Dr Annette Davison
Last Reviewed: 10-March-2022
Review Due: 10-March-2024

1. Scope

This document applies to and outlines the requirements of all employees and subcontractors working on behalf of Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd.
This document outlines the approach and considerations to the environment taken by Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd in the performance of its corporate duties as well as the development of new products and services. This policy applies to all Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd employees and responsible parties.

2. Content

Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd is committed to achieving a performance in environmental considerations relating to its products, services and business operations in general, commensurate to the size of its organisation.
Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd will comply with all applicable environment and sustainability laws, regulations and standards and other relevant requirements.

3. Review

Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd will review this policy periodically and update it as needed.

4. Communication and Implementation

The Principal will ensure that this policy is effectively communicated, understood and implemented throughout the company and to its subcontractors and promote environmental awareness as a strong ethic of the company. All employees are responsible for understanding the impacts of this policy on their day-to-day activities and are encouraged to apply good environmental and sustainability management practices both in and beyond the workplace.
Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd provides a copy of this policy to all its subcontractors at engagement.