Application of ISO 31000 to Drinking Water Quality Risk Management

Application of ISO 31000 to Drinking Water Quality Risk Management

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Globally, our water is at risk. Delivering on a water secure future involves understanding the risks to both water quantity and water quality. This book is the first to set out a globally relevant and practical approach to understanding and managing drinking water quality risks, using the international risk management standard, ISO 31000. It is essential reading for any organisation using, producing, regulating or managing drinking water.

The objective of this book is to provide users with an applied approach to drinking water quality risk management, supported by many practical examples from work conducted over many years with a range of colleagues and for a range of organisations. Knowing that drinking water quality management is everyone’s business and not everyone will be interested in every chapter, a ‘grab sample’ section has been provided at the end of the book. This section summarises all the chapters – allowing the reader to review the key risk points, and then navigate to the detailed chapter of interest to them.

This book is intended as a working resource to help anyone who uses, produces, manages or regulates drinking water quality, understand and improve drinking water quality risk management, within an ISO 31000 framework.

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Murray Thompson

“Mention such things as international standards, risk management and compliance requirements in the workplace and many people’s eyes immediately glaze over, they want to be elsewhere and certainly be doing something else. This book represents ISO 31000 and its direct application to Drinking Water Quality Management in a very practical manner, which will assist utility administrators, managers, engineers and operators to understand how to identify, manage and control drinking water quality risks.
This includes many real-life examples from literature and more importantly the author’s own direct experiences. The format of this book is easy to read, allowing readers to identify and comprehend the important concepts of the risk management framework, to ensure the production of safe drinking water.
This book will be an invaluable tool for all water utilities to demonstrate their best practice compliance, not only with a recognised international standard, but in meeting consumer expectations in the supply of a food grade product – drinking water.”
Murray Thompson, CPEng, BE (Civil) Hons, ME (LG), FIEAust Director – MTWS Pty Ltd

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