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Presented below are some of the key projects which our staff have led or been involved with:

IPART (NSW) (2014) Operational Licence Audit of the Sydney Catchment Authority.

NSW Office of Water (2014) Development of Recycled Water Management Systems Guidance for NSW.

Orange City Council (NSW) (2014) Risk assessment workshop for the Spring Hill/Lucknow water supply system.

Regeneus Ltd (ongoing) Provision of risk management, systems and corporate governance support for this ASX-listed regenerative medicine company.

Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd (SA) (2014) Desk-top risk assessment of the Osmoflow AWTP process design and the Salisbury Council recycled water (stormwater) draft supply agreement.

Unity Water (QLD) (2013) DWQMP Review and ISO 22000 Gap Analysis.

Cadia Valley Operations (NSW) (2013) CVO Water Quality Risk Assessment Project.

AECOM (2010) Audit of the Supply of Class A Recycled Water by Yarra Valley Water to the Aurora Estate (against the requirements of 53V of the Environment Protection Act 1970). VIC. The EPA has set out its operating specifications for effluent reuse schemes in a publication under its “Guidelines for Environmental Management” series, entitled Dual Pipe Water Recycling Schemes – Health and Environmental Risk Management, Pub. No. 1015, October, 2005. Under section 13 of the guidelines it is a requirement for the manager of a dual pipe scheme to engage an auditor appointed pursuant to Part IXD of the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) to undertake a statutory audit of the scheme within 12 months of commissioning and submit an audit report pursuant to section 53V of the Environment Protection Act 1970 to the EPA. The objective of this audit was to establish whether the dual pipeline scheme operated by YVW for the Aurora development was functioning in a manner that protects human health and operates without an unacceptable risk of harm to the environment. Audit undertaken in partnership with EnviroRisk Management.


LinkWater (2009) Development and review of Drinking Water Quality Management Plans. QLD. Development of LinkWater's Drinking Water Quality Management Plan required under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (QLD).

LinkWater (2009) Audit and provision of report on LinkWater's current Water Quality Management Plan documentation . QLD. Audit of LinkWater's water quality management system against the requirements of the Framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality (Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004).

LinkWater (2009) Water quality risk assessment workshop. QLD. Facilitation of a risk assessment workshop consistent with LinkWater's internal risk assessment methodology and suitable for the requirements of the Queensland regulator in relation to Drinking Water Quality Management Plan requirements (Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008).

Fire Safety Science Pty Ltd (2009) Risks associated with fire hose reel stagnation and possible in-building contamination of a potable water system in South East Asia. ACT. Review of the risks associated with fire hose reels (due to stagnation) within the region of South?east Asia, particularly in relation to water use and contamination of the potable water system.

WHO (2009) Critical evaluation of the WSP assessment tool. International. With multiple international parties, review and identification of major issues/areas of weakness with the WHO's Water Safety Plan tool including development of training materials to aid pilot trials of the revised tool (based on comments provided).

LinkWater (2009) Documentation of operational procedures and coaching for finalisation of the statutory DWQMP (Drinking Water Quality Management Plan). QLD. Telephone, on-site, document preparation and pre-submission audit of LinkWater's Drinking Water Quality Management Plan required under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (QLD).

South East Water Limited (2009) DoH drinking water regulatory audit 2009. Vic. Risk Management Plan Audit Pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2005 for South East Water for Period 1 January 2009 to 7 December 2009.




Sydney Water (2008) Development of Recycled Water Quality Management Plans. NSW. Preparation of 11 RWQMPs to transition Sydney Water’s currently operating recycled water schemes to meet the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (2006). Rouse Hill dual pipe scheme, Wollongong industrial scheme, and 9 irrigation schemes to direct flows out of river systems. Involved water quality data analysis (more than 10 years of data) compared to relevant criteria and guidelines for public health and environmental protection; risk assessment workshops, development of scheme flow diagrams, development of scheme Critical Control Points (CCPs), development of revised risk-based verification monitoring plans, review and development of validation plans for each scheme considering desk-top data, challenge testing and manufacturers data, strategic document policies and procedures, overall Plan development and submission to health regulators.



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